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If you just want to install Drupal 7 and turn it into a Drupal Genealogy web site, then the easiest way is to:

  1. Download and install Drupal 7 core files on your server. Before running the install script, complete the following steps.
  2. Download the 'all.tar.gz' file and extract it to the 'Sites' folder thereby overwriting the existing 'all' folder. This will place all the theme files, module files and library files in the correct place.
  3. Download the 'dg.sql.gz' file and import it into a new, empy MySQL database of a name of your choosing.
  4. Run the Drupal 7 install script specifying the database name you chose in step 3.

The site will be ready to go and will include all the example family history data. You can either delete or overwrite this.

For detailed instructions on doing this, see the wiki.